Proposed HCBS changes threaten family and community providers

Advocate says……

It is very important that the word get out that public comment is being taken regarding changes:

These changes are going to make it even more challenging for us to keep our son at home with us. 

I am guessing these changes were promised as part getting providers to sign up as a KanCare provider or in the case of Sunflower, establish a company. We keep our son with us 24/7 because of ANE that was not satisfactorily addressed in the programs our son attempted. They have already denied the additional hours the state has us for the waiting list for and now it looks like they will take more of the hours. It is like they want us to sacrifice our son and will get it done one way or another. I came across this document by accident so please try to make everyone aware of it and the limited time for comment.


Cathy Wilson

3 thoughts on “Proposed HCBS changes threaten family and community providers

  1. e. remington

    The list of “changes” are only proposed changes. In the Reagan era the Katie Beckett Wavers came into existence. The waivers were created for the special needs population not for the benefit of the business world.

    The first question I have: Did a subcommittee of ALEC write the possible future regulations? ALEC has written many of the onerous changes to Kansas regulations/law. Both Amerigroup and United Healthcare have direct ties to ALEC. With a little more digging I am sure that the Sunflower/Centene wish list is represented. ALEC is the best website for good information.

    Why are we suddenly in need of changing to less services? Because we have less money? Because taxes were reduced or eliminated? Why? for the benefit of real people? In the short run business may have a small benefit but in the long run business will suffer too.

  2. e. remington

    With more digging I found that Centene is represented on ALEC. They are part of America’s Health Insurance Plans. All three MCO’s: Centene/Sunflower, Amerigroup and UnitedHealth Care are represented on ALEC. Nothing ALEC does is good or healthy for the everyday citizen of Kansas.

  3. Cathy Pechin

    Yes, I realize they are just proposed but I cannot help but believe that this was promised to the for-profits and I am sure there are more coming. Keep in mind that some of the government employees from KDADS became employees at Sunflower and I think the two are joined at the hip.

    I called in on the conference call and asked a question and I was told it would be considered a “comment” and I said “Then you are not going to answer my question.” What a waste of time. I wrote it up today. My concern is the “capable” person. I cannot have a job and keep my son at home and I don’t know of any job that will let me take him with me. I have told them that if they can provide a PSA from 6:30 am when he gets up until 9:30 pm when he goes to bed that I will thrilled to be able to get a full-time job and come home and take a break after work. It was never my plan to be 60 years old and still caring for my adult son who requires supervision 24/7 and help with nearly everything he does. For-profit wants to consider supervision as sitting around watching TV and not a service. IF for-profit had a clue about caring for a 28 year old adult functioning at the 40 month level…………. And, frankly, KDADS hasn’t a clue either. So tired of trying to work with people that are ignorant of the needs of the population they are SUPPOSED to be serving.

    Pulled the house off the market and it goes back on in the spring. We are doing everything we can to get away from this situation but it is just one thing after another. No answer to our grievance filed in August and my son’s records have been tampered with yet again and information previously there would show incompetence has disappeared. The TCM is trying to get answers but they are ignoring her also. There is no one, absolutely no one, that can break down the wall that they are hiding behind. I have written my state elected officials, the governor (yeah, I know), Center for Medicaid and Medicare, KDHE (and they have emailed and not received an answer either) and a council on disabilities and some other entity concerned with disability.

    KDADs keeps talking about compliance with federal regulations and they sent me a copy of what was supposed to be applicable. Ah, I didn’t see it.

    Feathering the nest of the for-profits at the expense of the most vulnerable of the state’s population.

    I am guessing there is more to come with the only good option for anyone being to keep pushing for a carve-out.


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