About Us

This website is hosted and funded by parents,other family members and legal guardians of Kansas citizens with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (I/DD).  Our Steering Committee’s names are listed below.  We’ve created this independent website for I/DD family members and other advocates to report their loves ones’ experiences with KanCare, Governor Sam Brownback’s new managed care program for Medicaid services.

Beginning in 2014, all medical and long-term I/DD services are coordinated through one of three private insurance companies (MCOs). This is a huge and untested change, and we believe it is important to document how it will affect the well being of our loved ones.

For how to post your story, and how we will authenticate and protect your identity, please read through our Guidelines page.  The anecdotal information posted on this site will be used to:

  • Refer family members and other advocates to resources that may address a specific concern or problem related to KanCare implementation.
  • Identify grassroots trends or issues in the KanCare program for persons with I/DD.
  • Provide sources for media reporting (note: posters’ names and contact information will not be provided to media without their written permission).

Website Steering Committee

Marla Flentje, parent/legal guardian, Sedgwick County                                                                  Julie Hite, parent, Fredonia                                                                                                            Allison Lemons, sister/legal guardian, Wichita                                                                         Marcia Tammeus, parent/legal guardian, Johnson County,