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Update On Our Success With KanCare – Sunflower

Advocate says

So, we were assigned our 2nd case manager from the MCO, Sunflower, and after he tried to ancel our appointment because he is being promoted to another location, we finally met. This is my update to a previous posting here but to refresh.  We were on the “underserved” list, never received a letter, the MCO case manager came out and never asked about additional services, and we were banished from the underserved list. Continue reading

Life With KanCare

Letter to Wichita Eagle, 9SSep
Letter to Editor, Wichita Eagle
by Joshua Friedel
KanCare has been in the news a lot, and I’d like to offer the perspective of someone actually being served by it.

I have a physical disability and use a power wheelchair to move around, but am able to live independently in my own apartment with the help of home health workers. I need some assistance with everyday things, such as cooking, shopping, showering and laundry. Continue reading