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My son’s dentist is listed as a provider for his MCO, but I have yet to find any service except emergency extractions that are covered by United.  This was not what was promised when KanCare was being sold to us by state leaders.  Has anyone found that KanCare covers any other dental services for adults?  If so, what is your advice?

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  1. Robbin Allen

    There has been some preliminary discussions with the Medicaid staff at KDHE about 4 months ago on dental and durable medical equipment not being in compliance with ADA and Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act at the State level. In a nut shell if your loved one is eligible for and Receiving HCBS IDD Waiver they are eligible for care in an Intermediate Care Facility for people with Mental Retardation (ICF/MR). They just decided to receive services in the community; they did not choose to receive less dental and durable medical equipment services. MCOs can provide an “in lieu of” service, as permitted under its KanCare contract with the State and under the State’s Section 1115 waiver. This allows MCOs to provide a different benefit or service than would usually be covered under KanCare, when the MCO determines that such benefit or service would have an equivalent or better outcome at the same or lesser cost. Please see to better understand how this applies to dental and durable medical equipment services.


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