Document Everything With Sunflower

Advocate says …

I spent the afternoon on the phone with a combination of the Ombudsman, Sunflower – 2 different calls and the governor’s office who is supposed to call back but that person never does call. The important and really only thing I learned is that you need to document everything.  Since July, we have had 3 case managers. We got a letter and visit from the first one in July but were switched to another and never notified and when I was speaking with Sunflower, they told me the 2nd one had been on the case since January 2014. Not true. So, today, I learn we have the 3rd one, switched in it looks like August and this is the latest person not returning my calls yet the rep told me that this 3rd case manager from the MCO was the only one we have had beginning in January 2014. I did learn that the grievance was settled on August 28, the mysterious lost letter was sent and the reason the case manager didn’t feel we needed more hours was because we were moving from KS. It did not mention our issue of desperately needing our son to be in a program free from abuse, neglect and exploitation and that I had been led to believe that KanCare would be able to help us get the services we needed for our son. I realize this issue is not huge and that others are really suffering but it is important to realize that they cannot handle the most basic issues, cannot follow the procedures that are described in detail on the Ombudsman website. KanCareNot must GO before the damage they are doing costs someone their life IF that has not already happened and I would be surprised. if it hasn’t. Why must parents fight for what their loved ones are entitled to in the first place?

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