KanCare is not good for us

Chad says …

My experience w Kancare. It’s not good for us guys. I wish it was back to the way it was before we switched over to Kancare.  Please make it better, so it will not costs us a lot of money out of our pockets. I’m worried about r future . If we don’t fight back the state will tell us how to live r lives. We don’t need to be told w to do with how we live. I’m fighting for us guys . Just do your job a make r lives better!!! Please help us win this . On November 4 th!!  Go rep!! Win the senate!!

One thought on “KanCare is not good for us

  1. Cathy Pechin

    Your comment is so right on the mark! You can count on my vote. Our government is supposed to be by the people and for the people and Governor Brownback seems to have forgotten that. I will continue to advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves.


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