KanCare program launched with poor planning, inefficiency

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Advocate says …

A recent letter to families from Sunflower is a clear example of how disjointed, fragmented and inefficient KanCare is.  An entity called Thelohealth sent a very short letter informing families that the MCO provider has selected them for a new service — a visit from a nurse practitioner to conduct a health assessment.

Case managers were not notified, nor were families asked if their child or guardian needs the service. Perhaps they are already receiving good medical care. Perhaps they don’t want someone to visit their home.

How much is this service redundant with other medical services the person served has, including those from community providers and a person’s own physician? My son is served by KanCare, but he is also covered by Medicare and already receives excellent medical care.

Here’s the letter:


August 28, 20Your Medicaid provider, Sunflower Health Plan, is working with a partner called TheloHealth to

provide a new service. This program is run by skilled Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who will visit you where
you live. Our NPs will:

• Assess your condition and health history
• Talk about steps you can take to improve your health
• Answer any health questions you may have
• Check up on you to see how you are doing

You have been selected to participate in this program. You will receive a call in the next few Weeks to schedule a visit with your TheloHealth NP.

We are looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 1-844-777-6888 or questions@thelohealth.com.



One thought on “KanCare program launched with poor planning, inefficiency

  1. Cathy Pechin

    My son is with Sunflower and didn’t get such a letter which makes me wonder if we were supposed to and didn’t or if there is some sort of “sample” group that this will be used on. The only purpose I could see would be that the NP would question the care/services from the other provider as to whether they are necessary or if there would be a cheaper alternative available. If you want to turn a profit, which is what a for-profit business is interested in, you have to find a way to make financial cuts.


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