MCO is Falsifying Records

Advocate says …

In my previous post, I brought up the fact that Sunflower had changed my son’s case manager [care coordinator] 3 times and that they go back each time and enter information saying that the current coordinator has been in place since January, 2014. This is false.

But, I had forgotten to mention that on 9 Sep 2014 when I called to check on the grievance that I filed on behalf of our son, I was told the grievance was not complete and that Sunflower had until 11 September to answer it (30 days).  Oddly, on 25 Sep 2014, I was told that I was sent a letter on the grievance and on 2 October, I was told that according to the records, the grievance was answered on 28 Aug 2014 and that a note said that I was to call the current case manager. I had left 2 messages for that case manager on 25 Sep 2014 and never received a call back.  I left her another one yesterday.

It certainly appears that they adjusted the records, falsifying them. If anyone needs me to write up this information for them, sign my name, etc., have this website contact me and I will be more than happy to provide that for you. I have noticed that Sunflower is not sending letters, the letters needed for documentation of their incompetency.

One thought on “MCO is Falsifying Records

  1. Cathy Pechin

    I did write this up as an email and it is supposed to be checked on. We’ll see and I suppose as usual, it will be something that they can’t discuss with me! I did also finally get a call from the case manager (MCO case manager and they have about 3 different titles so I am not sure what to call them – well……..) not that it did any good but she appeared to be writing down the very long winded response that I had for what she could help me with. At this point, it is a manager until they hire a replacement for #2. I truly think they would all rather deal with our CDDO case manager but, gee, I think I probably only better use her in a pinch for the most important issues with the limited time she will be allowed so they can just deal with me!


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