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Birth Control medication denied

Marilyn Kubler | mkubler@everestkc.net | 913-268-4472
Advocate says …

Before Kancare, one of the individuals on my caseload, was able to get her prescription for birth control pills filled without a problem. Since Kancare, she has been denied by Amerigroup. We met with the care coordinator recently to report this and she said she would look into the problem. The pills cost $68 a month and she is on a very limited monthly budget and cannot afford this out of pocket expense.

Care Coordination

Connie Zienkewicz | szienkewicz@cox.net | 316-945-7747
Advocate says …

In most cases, the [KanCare] Care Coordinator for my daughter has been very responsive to my requests for assistance with the system. However, it seems to be a duplication of service when the Case Manager from the DD agency was able to take care of these situations without another person being involved. It is more trouble for guardians and parents with two persons working in the system.