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Wilted Sunflower Not A Winner

Cathy Pechin says …

Our son is an adult with DS and we fall under Sunflower. There phone system is defective and it takes several calls back before the system will allow me to put in an extension number. Perhaps this is to discourage me from calling? The booklet on services is so poorly written that I really cannot tell what they will or will not pay for. The MCO could not make the PCP meeting this year. I do not see how this added burden is improving the situation for anyone but the contractor – Sunflower. We were put on the waiting list for additional PCA hours since we care for our son 24/7 because the day/residential are unsuitable and I was informed by the state last week that there is no waiting list for the “underserved” because that was eliminated. I thought those hours were coming because we got a letter, saying we would get another letter about people receiving the services they were waiting for because the list was being funded. Since this whole KanCare thing started there has been a constant flow of letters and letters to tell you that you will be getting yet another letter. So, I’m guessing that there are others who think they are on a waiting list for a needed service and it will never come. Only ones benefiting seem to be Sunflower and the postal service.

Change in Tier

Debra Boss | ozwinkie@cox.net | 7852152629
Advocate says …

My son has been on HCBS MRDD Waiver since 1995. He has always been a Tier 1. With no justification, improvement in conditions, or explanation, after his meetings in June 2014, his Tier has been changed to Tier 2. I have tried to get answers as to why the change and have not been successful. I fear this is a way that services will be decreased without justification to parents/guardians/clients. I also would like legislators and elected officials to know that changes in services ARE taking place even though we were promised that with MCOs they would not. We all knew that wasn’t true when they said it. Now, we are experiencing it.

Some after-hours clinics take Sunflower cards, manager says

Susan Shaw says …

Last week I posted how baffled I was that Sunflower would recommend going to the ER for a minor problem, as their cards are not accepted by places such as Walgreen Take Care clinics.

That still baffles me, but on June 19 I got a call from the Sunflower customer service director, who identified herself as “Sharon.” She told me that there are indeed minor-emergency-type
clinics in Wichita that take Sunflower cards and are open extended hours and weekends. Continue reading

Urgent Care where is it

Terri Norgren | Terri_l.n@sbcglobal.net | 3167212155
Advocate says …

My daughter was in need of an urgent care facility in January of 2014. I had a concern that her foot may have been broken. I called the nurse line for Sunflower and asked where there was an emergency care facility that I could take her to, to get it checked. I was told that because of the holiday weekend (Martin Luther King) she couldn’t answer that question and didn’t think there was any in Sedgwick County. Continue reading