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Advocate says

So, we were assigned our 2nd case manager from the MCO, Sunflower, and after he tried to ancel our appointment because he is being promoted to another location, we finally met. This is my update to a previous posting here but to refresh.  We were on the “underserved” list, never received a letter, the MCO case manager came out and never asked about additional services, and we were banished from the underserved list. So, yesterday, we went through the procedure to receive more Personal Care Asst. hours since I do the care myself 24/7. The state had sort of said that once the MCOs were in place that they would help find services suitable for our son. I didn’t believe them but I don’t believe anything they tell me anyway based on past experiences. Our son has been in 3 day programs ranging from simply neglecting him by letting him sit, allowing him outside without supervision, and it gets worse – you don’t want to know. So, I told the MCO case manager that we needed to find a day and residential program for our son who is now 28 and related to him the horrors of the programs that he was in not to mention the others that we checked into and how the state does nothing to make the day services perform per the stated work statement in the contract. So, the MCO case manager says words to the effect that IF I am telling the truth, which he does not know because he doesn’t know me, there are good programs in the state. So, I asked where these programs were and he told me that in his position, he really could not tell me that. Well, when I asked the state, they told me that the programs were required to provide the needed supervision and services for my son and even when I had written evidence of their “cherry picking” and not allowing my son in a promised program, the state did nothing.  The MCO can do nothing so is just another layer of admin to pass the buck. It just seems there are a lot of them and just me as so many people refuse to step up and think “Let someone else do it while I just wait for it to happen.” Well, we have taken action, “For Sale” sign in the yard and this is the best bet in KS because there just doesn’t seem to be enough people that care about people like my son. Making people with disabilities part of a for-profit endeavor? I just don’t have the words.

2 thoughts on “Update On Our Success With KanCare – Sunflower

  1. Marla

    Cathy — I am so, so sorry for your experiences and the inability to get good services for your son. If you wish to give me a call, I’d be happy to make suggestions as to what else you might do by way of accessing resources. (phone 316-250-1344) I would suggest you start by contacting Tim Wood at the Kansas Disability Rights Center. Phone numbers: Topeka voice: 785-273-9661
    Toll free Voice: 1-877-776-1541. You should have to leave this state!! A group of committed advocates is trying hard to turn around the mess that KanCare has created. Please let us try to help. And please exercise your right to vote in state elections this November. -Marla Flentje

  2. Cathy Pechin

    Thank you Marla. I will check into the provided resources next week. I have already passed along to the Governor that he doesn’t need to expect my vote this time, actually have mentioned that to his staff a few times this past couple years.


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