Where To Go From Here?

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I was very disappointed that Gov. Brownback was re-elected. I had thought there might be hope on the horizon but that went down the drain when the election results came in. So, we have a grievance filed nearly 3 months ago and have yet to receive a letter. We are supposed to have an appeal in place but I have no letter that the appeal is actually based on and I have no actual proof that the appeal was filed – sent to the State. And, yes, my son’s TCM is on it and I have written the Dept of Aging and Disability, the Omsbudsman, etc. but there are a lot of them and they are all on the same side, KanCare’s side. You gotta’ wonder.

I just think that we must find a find to get the attention of the Dept. of Health and Human Services but as of yet I have not been able to do that. There must be someone out there that is looking at this and has the power, intelligence and compassion to see KanCareNot for the disaster that it is for people with developmental disabilities.

Our house is on the market but we will take it off now until spring. I will work every day until we are out of KS toward an end to KanCareNot – DD edition. I will be the thorn in their side if nothing else. I want them reminded everyday that people are being denied the care they need.

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  1. Cathy Pechin

    I called the Governor’s office this morning and talked with constituent services who directed me to KDHE concerning how to make official complaints against KanCare providers for not following the protocol. I have left a message with them. I believe when they are denying services that the for-profits need to have some backup documentation that spells out the criteria they have used to make that determination and that should be linked to Medicaid itself since it doesn’t make sense that Medicaid would cover it and the for-profit steps in and says that they disapprove it, of course, other than money in the pocket of the KanCare provider.

    I think this needs to be a group project rather than having each individual case looked at taking months. This is not about “individuals” but about a group of people with developmental disabilities. By stalling each individual, and many of those individuals not having someone advocating with what seems to be taking over-the-top effort, KanCareNot will make a profit off at the expense of the individuals they are supposed to be providing services for.

    Basically, no one is addressing my emails or calls. They don’t seem to have to do that. Now, I don’t like bothering with Authenicare but if I just kick back and don’t follow protocol, there will be no paycheck. Not receiving a paycheck is encouragement enough to do what I am supposed to so that is what needs to be done with KanCareNot providers, there must be penalties and procedures must be followed.

    I worked as a secretary on Fort Riley in an office that oversaw the largest contract on post. I can assure you without penalizing a contractor, they will do as they darn well please. Contracting with the state seems to be a joke at our expense. Does anyone know what is going on in Topeka? Does anyone care?

  2. Sandy Wright

    I requested a fair hearing May 2014. They have continued to put it on hold every month since then. All i want is for my daughter to be able to go to the Drs. Who did her surgery for follow up post surgery appt. She deserves good health care! I received a letter in the mail today saying that the hearing is scheduled for Dec. 5,9am i have 2 weeks t o submit my evidence! I agree with you i will be a thorn in their side until they let me take her! My daughter asked if she could write a letter to Brownback. I said absolutely!


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